Sino-Europe Trucking (Navigator) opened TIR truck transport line for new energy photovoltaic products in Europe and Central Asia

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Recently, Sino-Europe Trucking (Navigator) officially opened the European Central Asia new energy photovoltaic products road TIR truck transport line, which will provide customers with more convenient, efficient and safe logistics services.


It is reported that the special line transport a wide range of new energy products, including solar panels, photovoltaic modules, inverters, energy storage equipment and so on. These products will be shipped from China to Europe and Central Asia to meet the needs of the local market.

With a fleet of 1,200 TIR-qualified trucks, Sino-Europe Trucking (Navigator) is able to meet the high volume cargo transport needs of its customers. In addition, the special line also provides engineering logistics, project logistics, dangerous goods transportation and other professional services, to provide customers with a full range of logistics solutions.

The opening of the Europe-Europe two-way TIR truck transport line of Sino-Europe Trucking (Navigator) will further strengthen the logistics links between China and Europe and promote the development of bilateral trade. At the same time, the opening of the special line will also provide customers with more logistics options, reduce logistics costs and improve logistics efficiency.

Compared with the traditional logistics mode, the transport mode of Sino-Europe Trucking (Navigator) special line has the following advantages:

Fast transportation speed: Sino-Europe Trucking (Navigator) uses road truck transport, does not need to go through multiple links of transit, can directly transport the goods from the starting point to the destination, greatly shortening the transportation time.

Efficient transport: With 1,200 TIR-qualified trucks, Sino-Europe Trucking (Navigator) is able to meet the needs of its customers for the transport of large volumes of goods, improving transport efficiency.

Safe and reliable transport: Sino-Europe Trucking (Navigator) is a professional truck transport, equipped with professional drivers and logistics personnel, to ensure the safe transport of goods.

Wide range of transport: Sino-Europe Trucking (Navigator) special line transport covers Europe and Central Asia, to meet the different transport needs of customers.

High quality of service: Sino-Europe Trucking (Navigator) has 20 years of experience in logistics and transportation, and can provide customers with professional, efficient and high-quality logistics services to improve customer satisfaction.

It is reported that Sino-Europe Trucking will continue to uphold the "customer first, service first" purpose, to provide customers with more quality and efficient logistics services.