The operation process of CECA logistics business joining

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Pilot cross-border Supply chain under the Central European Airlines (LHZ) logistics business to join the operation process:

1. First of all, contact CEIKA (China) Logistics Services Co., LTD., and conduct preliminary negotiations;

2. The supplier will provide you with details such as franchise information and conditions, and you need to submit your own or your company's business qualifications and operating conditions to the supplier;

3. After the supplier's review and confirmation, sign the cooperation agreement and pay the franchise fee;

4. The supplier will provide you with relevant training and technical support, and assign a special business manager to follow up cooperation matters;

5. After the franchise qualification is obtained, you can start to provide CICA logistics services to customers, and arrange the shipment of goods, customs clearance, loading, unloading and other links;

6. After the goods successfully arrive at the destination, you need to provide the customer with international transportation documents and related reports.


Operation process:

1. After receiving inquiries from customers, make inquiries to suppliers and provide information related to goods;

2. The supplier shall, according to the requirements of the customer, provide the corresponding transportation plan, quotation, transportation route and time guarantee and other details, and provide you with the description and process of the mode of transportation and presentation;

3. If the customer accepts the quotation, you need to arrange the shipment, customs clearance, loading and other links according to the order requirements;

4. The company shall cooperate with the supplier to arrange cargo loading, and arrange to go to the customs to handle the cargo list, customs transfer form and other required documents and certificates;

5. Daily feedback to customers or suppliers of goods delivery and transportation progress;

6. After the goods arrive at the destination port, you need to negotiate the loading requirements and time with the supplier, timely handle the bill of lading, arrange customs clearance and other requirements for the customer, and follow up the transportation progress;

7. When the goods arrive at the destination, arrange professional personnel to discharge the goods on site, confirm the quantity, packaging, appearance and quality of the goods, check whether the goods are in accordance with the waybill and contract, and properly keep the customs clearance documents and documents of the goods.

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